Billy Hewes for Mayor

Billy Hewes was elected Mayor of Gulfport in 2013 on a vision of local growth, regional outreach, coast-wide “cooperatition,” community engagement, and enhancement of quality of life. He often remarks, “If I did anything right, it was putting together an incredible team.” This brand of collaborative leadership provided critical direction for the city, sending the message that “Gulfport is Open for Business, and Geared for a Good Time!”

Early on, the administration and Council adopted ambitious plans for growth that included a major roads and infrastructure program, Sportsplex expansion, promotion and creation of multiple, year-round festivals, and the construction of a world-class attraction that has filled a huge void in the Coast’s family attraction tourism market – The Mississippi Aquarium.

A city the size of Gulfport will always have its share of opportunities, as well as challenges. There is always work to be done, and that’s why Billy Hewes is more committed than ever before to continue getting the job done for Gulfport. Finding solutions to the growing pains of traffic congestion are paramount, as well as keeping pace with the needs of our first responders and health care workers.

Through strong leadership, planning and a collaborative process that includes people from all walks of life, today, Gulfport enjoys a status as one of the leading cities in the Gulf South, and has received numerous state and national awards for urban renewal, municipal excellence, livability, and affordability.

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  • Mississippi Aquarium
    $98 million
  • Historic Harrison County Library
    $15 million
  • Sportsplex Expansion
    $8 million
  • Centennial Plaza
    $100 million
  • Gulfport City Schools Improvements 
    $40 million
  • Gulfport Job Corps Center
    $30 million
  • Harbor Lights Festival
    #1 Christmas display in MS 70,000 + attendees
  • Brickyard Bayou Park
    U.S. Conference of Mayors Livability Award
  • Fishbone Alley
    U.S. Main Street Award $300,000
  • View the Cruise – Cruisin’ the Coast kick-off
    20,000 + attendees
  • Mississippi State Port at Gulfport Expansion
    $650 million
  • Island View Expansion
    $90 million
  • Markham Hotel Renovations
    ($45m completion) $15 million
  • Memorial Hospital at Gulfport Expansion
    $50 million
  • Build Grant I-10 Overpass
    $20 million

Blue Economy

  • USM Center for Oceanographic Studies
    $15 million
  • Roger Wicker Marine R&D Center
    $40 million

Infrastructure Master Plan


  • Road Projects (new construction)
    $28 million
  • Infrastructure
    $43.5 million
  • Resurfacing (70 miles of streets)
    $10 million
  • New Homes Built
  • New Business Permits